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Philotheou Monastery


Philotheou monastery is located on a plateau in the northeast of Mt. Athos.   Many Mt. Athos pilgrims claim that this monastery is situated in the most beautiful surroundings.
Each monastery is located in the most wonderful natural setting, but Philotheou's surrounding may be considered the most exquisite. 

The monastery was built on a plateau which stands 533 meters above sea level,
surrounded by chestnut trees and abundant water sources.

Philotheou is one of the oldest Mt. Athos monasteries and is named after St. Philotheus, who founded it in the 11th century and was its patron. 

In ancient times, in Philotheou's place stood a temple built by Christians before Mt. Athos became inhabited by monks.  According to sources, an image-worshiping temple stood here a long time ago, with the ancient city of Kleona nearby, located between Lavra, Philotheou and Iveron.  The monastery's chronicle of 973 reads:
" the place of the catholicon, there once stood an image-worshiping temple."
 Legend has it that on the stormy day Our Lady arrived to Athos, she was greeted by Athonites who ran out of their temples to greet her, having been informed of her arrival by their prophets.   There is a possibility that the Philotheou catholicon became dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin to commemorate this event. 

The monastery has the conventional regular quadrilateral shape, with high walls topped with rows of cells. 

The catholicon dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin is located at the center of the courtyard. It dates back from the 18th century and possesses a preserved chronicle from that period.  The construction was undertaken during the 18th and the 19th century. 

Among the monastery's relics are a piece of the True Cross and relics of the following saints: John Chrysostom, St. Marina, St. Pantaleon, St. Luke, Isidore the Martyr, St. Charalampius, St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, St. Parascheva.  
Undoubtedly, the greatest treasure of Philotheou is the icon Our Lady Glykophilousa,
which measures 12.5 х 8.7 cm and is found on the left marble iconstasis
of the catholicon. Our Lady is portrayed with stunning gracefulness as she
lovingly embraces Jesus Christ. The icon's arrival is considered miraculous.  Her previous owner, the noble woman Victoria threw it into the sea somewhere near Constantinople.  The icon floated to Mt. Athos and reached the Philotheou monastery.  Today, it is one of the most revered Mt. Athos icons.
It is covered with heavy shackles made of precious metals.  Another jewel of the monastery is the wonder-working Our Lady icon Gerontissa, which miraculously found its way to Philotheou from Nigrita. One of the greatest benefactors was Stefan Dušan, who presented the monastery with an embellished cross.  
There are 7 chapels besides the catholicon. 
The library holds ancient manuscripts and books.
Philotheou is ranked 12th in the Mt. Athos hierarchy.

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