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Pantokratoros Monastery

The monastery of Pantokratoros (Almighty) stands atop a remote rock by the sea, in the northwest of Mt. Athos.  It is a two hour walk away from Karyes and the Vatopedi monastery and an hour walk away from Stavronikita.
It was founded in 1363 by the Byzantine warlord Alexius and his brother Ioannes, a court official.  After having been seized and demolished by the Turks, the monastery was reconstructed by the Moldavian noble Stanlo around 1536. 

The monastery is surrounded with massive walls with high towers. Monk cells are located inside the walls on several stores.  This is why it seems extremely tall on the exterior, which is further enhanced by its very position on the high rock.  The monastery is split into two sections. The first contains guest cells, a high tower with a small church on top, whereas the treasury is at its bottom. The catholicon, dining room and bell tower can be found in the other section. 

The catholicon is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior. This holiday is highly revered in the monastery. 

The temple was built of white marble in the 14th century. In the year 1847, the floor was made from that very marble.  Frescoes are preserved in the temple.  Among the monastery's treasures is the wonder-working icon of Our Lady, known as Gerontissa, i.e.  old woman.  It is of very large dimensions, 196 x 76 centimeters.

The icon depicts the full figure of Our Lady as an elderly woman. She is portrayed without Christ and in a praying position.  Miraculous events have been connected to the icon.  On many occasions, Our Lady has shown particular care for the dying elderly, which is why the name "Gerontissa" remained.

Pantokatoros possesses the following treasures: pieces of the True Cross, the relics of Apostle Andrew, John the Merciful, John Chrysotome, Patriarch Athanasius of Constantinople, Ionnicius the Great, St. Charalampus etc. 

There are 8 more chapels in the monastery besides the catholicon. 

The monastery's library contains an extremely rare item - a gospel belonging to St. John Kalyvites and many other ancient manuscripts and books. 

Pantokratoros also includes a cell where an angel sung "Axion Estin" in front of an Our Lady icon, according to legend. 

The Russian skete of St. Eliah is located bellow the cells, also belonging to Pantokratoros, where Pajsije Veličkovski used to live. He is known for translating "Dobrotoljublje" into Slovenian in 1293.

In the early 20th century, Pantokratoros was inhabited by as many as 200 monks. Nowadays, only 30 monks occupy it. It is ranked 7th in the Mt. Athos hierarchy.


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